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Mushroom Monotubs

A mushroom monotub is a simple, self-contained system used to cultivate various types of mushrooms, primarily gourmet and medicinal species. It is designed to provide an optimal environment for fruiting mushrooms by maintaining appropriate levels of humidity, temperature, and fresh air exchange. This setup allows for the growth of healthy and vigorous mushroom fruits without the need for frequent interventions or adjustments.

Mushroom Super Grow Bags

Want to colonize and fruit mushrooms up to 8x faster than traditional grains?

Try out Mushroom Growing Kit’s top selling All-In-One Super Grow Bag to give your grow the kickstart it needs to be successful!

Our five pound Super Grow Bags were formulated in our labs using all natural ingredients to excelerate colonization times. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can get your mycelium from bag to tub.

You can also let your mushies fruit right inside the bag. We always recommend fruiting in our monotubs for larger yields, but if you just want fast, open up the bag and let ’em grow!

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