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Bulk Substrate for Manure Loving Mushrooms


Mushroom Growing Kit’s bulk substrate bags are perfect for your manure loving mushrooms. Fortified with additional nutrients and the perfect consistancy for aeration. 

  • Includes 6 Bags of Manure Substrate
  • Sterilized in a Commercial Autoclave
  • Organic Manure
  • Vermiculite
  • Gypsum
  • Coco Coir
  • Oyster Shell

We recommend inoculating a 3 pound bag of sterilized grain with 2.5 to 5cc of liquid culture and 5 pound bags with 5 to 7.5 cc. For every pou  nd of colonized grain you will require roughly 5 pounds of substrate for maximum yields. Try our mushroom monotub for more control over your environment.

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Mushroom cultivation is a delicate process that requires precise techniques and attention to detail. Transferring mushroom spawn to a substrate is a critical step in the process, and it’s important to follow the proper procedures to ensure the best possible outcome. Here are some instructions and tips for transferring mushroom spawn to substrate:

Materials needed:

  • Mushroom spawn
  • Sterilized substrate 
  • Sterilized tools (such as a scalpel, forceps, or spoon)
  • Sterilized container or bag for growing mushrooms
  • Alcohol spray or wipes for sterilizing tools and surfaces
  • Gloves and a face mask


  1. Prepare your work area: Make sure your work area is clean and free of any potential contaminants. Sterilize your tools, gloves, and work surface with alcohol spray or wipes.

  2. Sterilize the exterior of your substrate and spawn bag using alcohol. 

  3. Inoculate the substrate: Once your substrate is prepared, it’s time to inoculate it with the mushroom spawn. Using sterilized tools, transfer the spawn to the substrate. Depending on the type of spawn you’re using, you may need to break it up into smaller pieces before transferring it.

  4. Mix the spawn and substrate: After you’ve added the spawn to the substrate, mix it thoroughly to distribute the spawn evenly. This will help ensure that the mushrooms grow evenly throughout the substrate.

  5. Pack the substrate: Once the spawn and substrate are thoroughly mixed, pack the mixture into a sterilized container or bag. Make sure the container or bag is sealed to prevent any contaminants from entering.

  6. Incubate the container: After you’ve packed the substrate, it’s time to incubate it. This involves keeping it in a warm, dark place for a period of time to allow the mycelium to grow throughout the substrate. The specific incubation time will vary depending on the type of mushroom you’re growing and the temperature you’re keeping it at.

Tips for keeping tools and materials sterile:

  • Use gloves and a face mask to prevent any bacteria or fungi from spreading from your body to the materials.
  • Use alcohol to clean your tools and work surface before starting and periodically throughout the process.
  • Work in a clean, well-ventilated area to minimize the risk of contamination.
  • Only open your spawn and substrate containers when necessary and reseal them as quickly as possible.
  • Use a separate tool for each container to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Be sure to follow the specific instructions for sterilizing your substrate and tools to ensure that everything is properly cleaned.

Our substrates can be stored for several months in a dark room at room temperature. There is no need to refrigerate our substrates for storage.

All of our substrates are sterilized and filled in a lab environment. We take great precautions to ensure your products are viable upon arrival. However, some contamination can occur with shipping damage.

When you receive any of our products, it’s best practice to set them aside for 4 to 7 days before using. Inspect the product regularly for signs of contamination and if you notice something, we’ve got you covered! 

All of our products come with our sterile guarantee. If something gets lost or damaged during shipping, we’ll replace it at our expense. Just contact us.

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